Draelnor was born in the family of White Tower Guard in the City of Dawn. His father was happy at boy’s birth as he was to become the successor of Guard dynasty counting many generations. To father’s chagrin Draelnor had no talents in the military craft and didn’t show any interest in the Guard’s service. The elf’s inborn curiosity kept him far from mastering combat skills - he believed that the powers of nature and magic are more forceful than a sword in the hands of a skillful warrior.

And once fortune gave him a chance to seize the wisdom of ancient knowledge.

One day the delegation of Great Druid came to the City of Dawn to settle the issue of orcs rampaging at elfin frontiers. Draelnor could not lose the chance to talk with those who embodied the wisdom and to learn from druids everything that excited him. And by stroke of luck he met one of them.

Draelnor spent the entire day in the druid’s company, asking him questions and receiving the answers. The knowledge of the elder seemed boundless to the young elf and he decided to absorb wisdom from the same well.

Later Draelnor repeatedly recollected their meeting with the druid. It was that day that urged him to become a druid – one of the sages whose wisdom guarded the order in Atlans and saved the harmony of the surroundings.

Much time elapsed since the young elf decided to take this step. And on the threshold of his consecration to druids Draelnor realized how greatly he had changed. The time when the youngster greedily devoured knowledge to discover new horizons were now a reminiscence. Now the enlightened elf was to become one of the priests.

After consecration ceremony Great druid shared his premonition with Draelnor. He felt how everything was changing around; how mysterious forces started to grow; unknown menace augured the end of their world and harmony they used to live in was falling apart. Priests had been watching the world for many centuries and their premonitions had never let them down. But this time they got wrong. Assuming that menace comes from orcs the Council sent the young druid to oversee the Wasteland frontiers and to reveal the cause of disharmony. But the south frontiers did not pose any threat. It was too late when druids discovered it. While they were expecting attack from the steppe, the City of Dawn fell. It was the first time they faced the forces of undead who broke the supreme law of Nature – what once became dead must remain dead. Since then, in attempt to restore the balance, the druid has been looking for ways to destroy the undead. Once and for all.


Despite his youth, Draelnor is a wise druid. There are no spells he wouldn’t be able to master and use against enemy in battles. As any other priest Draelnor uses magic with unbelievable ease. His wizardry power gets quickly regenerated. Owing to his unique magic gift the druid can chill attacking enemies by slowing them down and making them more vulnerable.