Magic stones

Stonehenge - one of the most controversial and mysterious wonders of the world. Scientists all across the world still argue about its origin and purpose. This is an ancient monument, located in Salisbury, in Southern England. The construction consists of a composition of rocks placed vertically in a circle. The radius of this circle is approximately 30 meters. The largest rocks, weighting up to 50 tones are placed in the middle of this circle.

Many scientists believe that this construction was used as an astronomical observatory. This is a very arguable statement, since the Stonehenge is located not on a hilltop, but on a slanted side, making observation of the heavenly bodies inconvenient and practically impossible. It is also interesting why the builders chose to bring special blue stones and other materials, possessing heightened energy, the monument mainly consists of, from distant lands.

Studying the secret files of the Order, we have found something interesting. They tell of mysterious stone structures, placed under a protective field in the shape of a dome. Only the builder mage could pass through.

There he could hide from attackers and give cover to other mages or apprentices. All the attempts to destroy the field were in vain. To remove the field, it was necessary to destroy the stone structure or kill the mage. By using all kinds of trickery, recruiting apprentices, or waiting for the mage to leave the shrine, detachments of the Order have managed to destroy all such structures on the planet. But some of them have survived to this day, as has the Stonehenge in Salisbury, even though the strength of the mages has waned. Now archaeologists discover such structures all around the world. As it turns out, there were plenty of them. Scientists have discovered ruins of "stonehenges" in Italy, Russia, Belarus and Brazil. Still, the Stonehenge in England main proof of the defencive structures created by mages. Maybe only because these stones posses healing powers and have helped many a person, it was not destroyed, and another legend was created, changing the true history of the magic stones.